Where can i purchase my tickets?
If you are a Les Mills instructor click here.
If you are not a Les Mills instructor click here
Which programs will have masterclassses?
There will be masterclasses of 8 programs.
The morning session includes BODYPUMP, BODYSTEP, BODYJAM and CXWORX masterclasses.
The afetrnoon session includes BODYBALANCE, BODYATTACK, SH’BAM and BODYCOMBAT masterclasses.
Can i take part in both morning and afternoon sessions?
Yes, if you purchase PACK DE DÍA you are allowed to access both sessions for a special price.
Who will be presenting the masterclasses of LES MILLS LIVE BARCELONA?
We count with the international stars Lisa Osborne and Dan Cohen, the Les Mills program directors and the AEFA Les Mills national trainer team.
Do i need to make a reservation in order to take part in the GRIT sessions?
Yes. In order to take part in the GRIT sessions you need to make a reservation. Once you have your ticket for LES MILLS LIVE BARCELONA, request your reservation as soon as possible by sending an e-mail to, including your full name, DNI/Passport, e-mail and telephone number, as well as the specific GRIT session you are interested in.
How fit do i need to be to take part in the masterclasses?
Anyone can train with the LesMills programs, whichever you fitness level is. You decide how much intensity you bring to the class and our trainer team will offer you different options to perform the exercices. Because of the recreational sports nature of the event, the organitzation asumes that every participant is perfectly healthy, has a good physical condition and exempts the organitzation of any liability in the case of injuries or health problems that may occur during the event.

During masterclasses, the energy in the room will be very intense. Control your effort level, do not push it too far and avoid excessive fatigue symptoms.

Do i need to bring anything with me?
Bringing a mat or a towel for BODYBALANCE masterclass is advised.
Hydration and small snacks?
It is very important stay hydrated before, during and after each of the masterclasses. For this reason we recommend bringing water or energy drinks as well as small snacks to maintain your energy level.
Are there showers in the facility?
Yes, Sant Jordi Club has changing rooms and showers.
Keep in mind that at given moments there may be a high influx of people in these zones, making access to showers more complicated, for this reason, we recommend bringing some spare clothing with you.
Are there lockers in the faciliy?
Sant Jordi Club does not have lockers available for public.
¿Can i bring my bag into the workout zones?
It is seriously dangerous to have bags (even small ones) laying in the workout zones, you can leave your bag in the edges of the room.
To the extent possible, please bring only “the essentials” into the class and make sure it doesnt bother the other fellows or hinders the activity.
The organitzation is not liable for the loss of personal objects. To avoid that, we advise you not to leave valuable objects inside your bag.
When shall i arrive at the event?
We will be opening the gates of Sant Jordi Club at 9:00 AM.
Even if you are coming for the afternoon session , you can drop by along the morning and pick up your accreditations (bracelets) to avoid later queues.
How can i get my accreditations?
A few days before the event, we will send you an e-mail with instructions on how to pick them up.
What if i don't bring the e-mail or ticket with me?
To the extent possible, don’t forget to bring your ticket either in your cellphone or printed, otherwise the whole accreditation process might be delayed.

If you forget your ticket, you will need to provide a document with your picture (DNI, NIE, Passport) to get your accreditation.

Can i change my ticket?
No, once the ticket is purchased, no change or return is possible.
Can i bring my children with me?
LES MILLS LIVE is an event for adults and only those who are over 16 years old and own a ticket will be allowed into the venue.
Can my friends and family come to see me?
For safety reasons, only those who own a ticket will be allowed into the venue.


I am a Les Mills instructor from another country but i want to come to LES MILLS LIVE BARCELONA. How can i purchase my tickets?
Send an e-mail to and we will give you instructions on how to purchase your ticket.